A maxim that has defined us for over a century


Cooperativa Lagomarsini has been in business for over 100 years and has managed to maintain the innate characteristics of high professional craftsmanship over time thanks to the talent and skill of expert chisellers, our Marble men, who have handed down every single distinctive element of their precious know-how from father to son.

The Company was founded in 1974 by a group of employees who decided to take over the historical art production company of the same name that had been established in 1905. A collective of marble culture that has completed hundreds of prestigious projects all over the world.


Ever since its inception, the new company has followed the technological progress of stone processing systems with increasing interest, constantly engaged in the search for evermore innovative solutions in obtaining creations of the highest quality and rare perfection down to the last detail, all in a faster and more convenient fashion. Following this avant-garde strategy, the company was among the first to equip itself with sophisticated numerical control machines for waterjet cutting and for the creation of profiles and edges, quickly gaining a significant position among the sector’s competitors and becoming an ideal partner for the implementation of large architectural works.

Our ancient motto “We bend stone for you” has become reality. Today our workshop combines classic craftsmanship with innovative robotic processes in perfect artistic symbiosis, where natural stone plays the leading role in unprecedented and surprising new styles. The endless creative possibilities offered by the new technology combined with the profound expertise that distinguishes our expert craftsmen have led to collaborations with leading architects, designers and interior designers of world renown for the construction of impressive private residences, hotels, airports, places of worship such as cathedrals and mosques, showrooms, shopping centres, libraries and many other high quality architectural works.