marble processing


Specialists in classical art and contemporary design.



During the works analysis phase, our technical office conducts conformity tests on the selected materials to verify their perfect suitability for all types of processing and matching required to complete the project.



The implementation of all  processes takes place in our workshop where CNC machines, bridge saws and final processing workstations are located in the various operating areas.



Once the work is finished, our technicians proceed to test the parts by pre-assembling and dry-laying the component parts of the design project in order to verify that they are perfectly book-matched, including colour nuances.


We have organised our workshop to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in carrying out any type of project, from the simplest to the most elaborate and complex. We have a large area equipped with two production plants, a large warehouse for semi-finished products, a storage area and the packaging and shipping area for finished products.


Project analysis
In the initial evaluation phase, the technical office carries out a careful analysis of the project, verifying the specific needs and particularities of the work to be carried out along with the Customer. On specific request, our technician can perform on-site inspections and surveys with photographs, drawings and three-dimensional simulations in order to plan the entire workflow up to the completion of the work.

Research and Material Selection
Our consultant then proceeds to research natural stones according to the colours and qualities required by the project, selecting those which are the most select and suitable for processing. Each material must pass specific conformity tests to be used in the project. The workshop has specific experience in the selection and supply of the renowned white Apuan marbles that are highly sought after for their uniqueness and purity.

Organisation of activities
All processes are planned according to a predefined procedure in order to guarantee the Customer will receive the highest quality craftsmanship and constant monitoring of each activity, also in order to eliminate dead times and optimise costs. All the elements to be created are processed with specific software and finished by hand by our expert craftsmen.


Documentation of works
We photographically document each processing phase while it is underway in order to allow the Customer to monitor the project’s progress up to the test with the dry-laying and pre-assembly of all the parts.

Shipping of the material and installation

Once finished, the different parts of the project are meticulously catalogued and numbered to facilitate assembly. We then proceed to the delicate packing phase for the materials to be shipped to the installation site. Where required, our workshop can provide reliable consultancy services at the construction site, assisting in all project installation activities.

2 Waterjet cutting centres // Brembana Axial 4 axes // Spiderbreton bridge saw Fr/Nc // Comandulli edge polishing machines
3 Bridge saws // Bush hammers – Flaming machines // Pellegrini sandblasting machines // Pantographs